The U.S. welcomes immigrants from around the world who contribute with their hard work and loyalty to make of this country the world’s greatest nation. Becoming a citizen of the United States is probably the most prized possession available to American residents. Our staff at Steffas & Associates, P.C. possesses the necessary training and professionalism to assist individuals throughout the delicate process of application for naturalization. From establishing the individual’s eligibility, through the interview to the oath ceremony to securing, individuals receive qualified and dedicated service.

Permanent Residents (LPR)

A permanent resident can qualify to become a citizen in 3 or 5 years depending on their situation. Get more benefits as a citizen than a permanent resident. Contact us today. We are here to help you in the process of becoming a citizen of the United States.

Adopted children and US Citizenship

Children who are adopted by a US citizen are not automatically US citizens. Once they fulfill the requirements of the Child Citizenship Act, their citizenship is automatic. Below you can see how this statute works. Being a citizen is not enough. Children need evidence of citizenship and that is the Certificate of Citizenship that USCIS issues. According to a country’s laws and regulations, they decide whether prospective adoptive parents are given guardianship of custody or full and final decrees of adoption. Kefalas are not full final adoptions. When a child’s adoption has been finalized, the US consular officer in that country will issue an IR-3 or an IH-3. However, in countries that only grant guardianship or custody orders, the children are given IR-4 or IH-4 visas. This choice is made according to the laws and regulations in a child’s home country.