Passport iStock_000012972520smallSteffas & Associates, P.C. located in Marietta, Georgia assists individuals and businesses with the most complicated and unusual immigration cases, offering a full range of immigration services including but not limited to: Non-immigrant and immigrant visa applications, Permanent residency applications for family members and employees of U.S. businesses, Naturalization, including citizenship of adopted children living abroad, Replies to Notice of Intend to Deny (NOID) and Denials, and Appeals. Whether you are in need of an immigration attorney in Marietta, or anywhere in the United States, our firm is equipped to handle all cases.

FAMILY: The familial bond is amongst the strongest human connection. The United States immigration laws recognize this and were written with the intention of keeping families together. The complexities and restrictions in the immigration laws, however, often cause roadblocks to achieving family togetherness. The Law Office of Steffas & Associates, PC is committed to providing quality professional representation in obtaining permanency and legal status for members of your family.


SPECIAL IMMIGRANT JUVENILE STATUS: Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) is a federal law that assists certain undocumented children in obtaining legal permanent residency. Children under the jurisdiction of a juvenile court who are eligible for long term foster care due to abuse, abandonment or neglect may qualify for SIJS and based on that, apply for adjustment of status to a Lawful Permanent Resident. Our team will help children who were abandoned or abused by their parents to obtain a deprivation order from State Juvenile Court and then adjust to LPR status.


VAWA: If a parent or spouse who is a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent resident abuses their child or spouse, that child or spouse may be eligible for his/her legal permanent residency under the “Violence Against Women and Children Act”.


  • Citizenship & Naturalization
  • Citizenship of Adopted Children
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (aka) DACA
  • Fiancé Visa
  • Green Card for an Immediate Relative of a U.S. Citizen
  • HAGUE Convention Adoption
  • NON-HAGUE Orphan Visa
  • Reply to Notice of Intend to Deny (NOID)
  • Respond to Request for Evidence (RFE)
  • Special Immigrant Juvenile (SIJ)
  • Violence Against Women and Children Act (VAWA)